Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tekk On Riddim - Various Artists

Tekk On Riddim - Various Artists

Track tear off

Hot Patty (Raw)
Hot Patty (Edit)
Badman Settinz (Raw)
Badman Settinz (Edit)
Gal I Know You
Tic Toc
Center of Attraction
Shuffle Up
Set Suh
We Nuh Fraid
We Nuh Frighten Fe Nobody
Old School Style
Road Map
Like a Picture
Me Nuh Fear Yuh (Raw)
Me Nuh Fear Yuh (Edit)
Somebody Snitch
Gyal Me Whaan
Short Man Style
Bad Everytime
Gimme Di Faya
Climb Di Something
Dancehall Tun Up
Dead In Yah
C' est other facile
6 pieds sous terre
Big Up Gal
X-Plicit Gal
Diffrent du reste
Dibi dibi port-bladder
Dj Gyal
The Sun Shine
Ghetto Youth
Vini Vini

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